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Dog with red dyed fur rescued in Greece?could have died

Activists rescued a puppy named Scarlet after seeing her with her coat dyed red.
The dog was found next to a man who bought it for 150 euros in the central square of Omonoia in Athens.

That’s how they found Scarlet.

Apparently, the purpose of dyeing her coat was to attract the attention of a buyer, and so it was, the man who bought her said she liked the color red and remembered the television character, Clifford.
Once in the hands of the vet she was diagnosed out of danger, fortunately, the dye had not caused damage to her skin and she was healthy.

They’d d dyed her hair red to draw attention.

He didn’t have any serious problems

And little by little they were able to remove the pigment

Now Scarlet has found a new home where they treat her as she deserves and don’t put her life at risk.
Fortunately, she came out of this healthy and now receives the love and attention she deserves.

And even his face changed completely!

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Dog with red dyed fur rescued in Greece?could have died

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